Michigan is known for many things. Like every other state, it has been home to some famous people, including actors, actresses, directors, screenwriters, television show hosts and even athletes. The list is quite long and cannot be completely exhausted. However, here is a taste of some of the famous people that were born in Michigan:

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell became extremely famous after playing the role of Veronica Mars which ran from 2004 to 2007. She is a talented actress who has appeared in other television shows and films such as Heroes and Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical. She was born in Huntington Woods, a suburb of Detroit. She grew up in Michigan although she later went to New York to study and ended up in Broadway.

Rob Rubick

Rob Rubick is a former NFL Tight End who used to play for the Detroit Lions. He was born in Newberry Michigan and has pretty much lived most of his life there. He attended Grand Valley State and later got his master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University. Despite his fame, he went to become a teacher in Zemmer Middle School after leaving professional football. All of his life, ventures and achievements have been based in Michigan.

Jack Paar

Jack Harold Paar died in January 2004. He was one of the best and most famous talk show hosts of all time. He was also an author, radio and television comedian. He hosted The Tonight Show from 1957 through to 1962 and was adored by many. One of his achievements was revolutionizing the talk show industry. In fact, people often say that he raised the standard so much that there were only two classifications: before Paar and below Paar. Although he was born in Ohio, he later moved to Jackson, Michigan with his family while he was still young and grew up here.

Kimberly Paigion Walker

Kimberly Paigion Walker is commonly referred to as Paigion.  She is a media personality, a producer, a television and radio personality. She is best known for her role as one of BET’s 106 & Park hosts. She was born in Oak Park, Michigan and even attended West Michigan University.

Paula Faris

Paula Faris is a famous name in the world of television. She is a correspondent for ABC News. She was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan. During her earlier years, she attended Jackson Christian School although she finally left Michigan for College. She has had a great TV career including co-anchoring America This Morning and Good Morning America Weekend among others.

Byron Allen

Byron Allen is a well known standup comedian. He also wears other hats as he is a television producer and also the founder of Entertainment Studios, a television production company. This famous comedian was born in Detroit, Michigan although he discovered his love for standup comedy in Los Angeles.


Michigan has been home to some pretty popular people. Some were born here while others grew up here for a significant part of their early childhood. There also a lot of artists who were born in cities with huge forests. You can check a lot of tree removal in city proper or in subdivisions per state. You can visit a tree removal service just click here.