For individuals interested in diet program for trees through detoxification, several strategies were developed by University of Pittsburgh. I, together with Phil have tried various cleanses although during those times, we did not always see the diet plans as being cleanses. A few of these tree diet plans can be effective as cleansing methods and can help maintain health on a long term basis. However some are only able to provide cleansing on a shorter period.

Simplified Tree Diet – Great cleansing benefits can be achieved within a short time by simplifying a diet for trees. It is advisable to use these vegetables and fruits (raw or cooked on a minimum through steaming or through baking without using oil), legumes (cooked or/and sprouted ), sprouted or raw seeds, and whole grains (cooked or/and sprouted).

Vegan Diet using Palm trees– This can be an effective detox, although following the rule when it comes to eliminating refined and processed foods is still needed. Many of the unhealthy foods can be considered vegan but can still be toxic for the body. Using this plan as cleansing diet means that emphasis should be on vegetable and fruit consumption. For individuals in Pittsburgh who are already into vegan diet, there is a tree service company which specializes in tree diets.

Mono -diet – This mono-diet term usually refers to the diet that uses only one food type, like apples only throughout the day. Few people undergo mono-diet and follow a macrobiotic type of direction, only sticking to brown rice, with miso soups or some vegetables on several occasions.

Raw Food – With this detox plan, all kinds of raw foods, fruits, or green vegetables may be used. Technically, these are not considered mono-diets however they follow the same method of simplifying diet drastically. Raw foods can include several fresh produce, nuts, legumes, and raw or/and sprouted seeds.

Liquid Diet – A few individuals use the detox approach and only take liquid foods, such as smoothies throughout the day, or vegetable soup puree. Compared to juice fast, this is a little different since individuals using the diet will only take the bulk and fiber from whole food and nothing more.

Alkalinity – These detox diets share one thing in common. They mainly focus on the foods considered as alkalizing for the body. Western diet has high concentration of acids such as in (meat, dairy, grains). It only makes sense why detoxes that are also capable of reducing acidity are the most popular. The alkalinity observed in foods coincides with foods considered to be least congesting or the most detoxifying.