There are numerous tourist attractions: historical and cultural in Michigan. You can also sample different cuisines and enjoy the art scene in Michigan’s different cities. Some of the notable places to visit include:

  • Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park is the largest city island park in the United States. It occupies approximately 900 acres and is even bigger than Central Park in New York City. You cannot visit Michigan without going to the Belle Isle Park. It offers the opportunity to see and visit many other places that are significant to Michigan including:

  • Belle Isle Nature Zoo

The zoo is home to a number of wild animal species including turtles and the black snake. It is a great place for both adults and kids. Here, you have the opportunity to feed some of the animals. You get to do all this as you learn more about their history which can be very exciting.

  • Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory

Located at the center of the island, you can visit the conservatory. Here, you get to interact with different plant species. If you are one who loves growing and planting greenery, then this is an ideal place. The conservatory was opened back in 1904 although it was named after Anna Scripps Whitcomb years later in 1955 after she had donated a significantly large collection of Orchids to Detroit.

  • James Scott Memorial Fountain

This fountain was built at the request of James Scott who left Detroit $200,000 after he died. He gave this as a condition for the city to receive the money. The fountain is a significant part of the park as it has a light and water show that you can enjoy at dusk.

  • Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is one of Michigan’s great attractions. Here, motor vehicles are not allowed and people can only enjoy walking, hiking or biking through the trails. If you are a water sports fan, you can also enjoy these on Lake Huron’s calm waters. If you would like to further explore the island and get to know the history of the place, you can get the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour which allows you to see some of the historically significant buildings on the island or the Great Turtle Kayak Tour which allows you to explore the coastline.

  • Traverse City

If you like brewery and winery tours then you need to visit Traverse City. The Paddle TC and Kayak Brewery Tours, the TC Cycle and the TC Ale Trail are some of the more popular local tour operators who will help you experience the best of the beer and winery scene in the city. In addition to this excitement, there is a lighthouse and a museum to visit in Traverse City.

The city’s location gives you access to a number of beaches. In fact, one of the rites of passage if you are going to visit Michigan is to traverse the Sleeping Bear Dunes which are located in Traverse City. This experience allows you to experience 64 miles of a forested wilderness, freshwater beaches and breathtaking vistas to mention but a few. In addition to this, the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Traverse City Orchestra are some of the places to visit if you would like to experience the art scene in Michigan. Traverse City also has that likeable charm associated with small towns and you will be sure to enjoy it.

  • Grand Rapids

If you want a place that will cater to your whole family regardless of the age, then the Grand Rapids is just the place. It offers different activities and learning opportunities ranging from historic architecture to outdoor activities and museums. Heritage Hill is full of historic architecture and you can walk through to experience it in full. If you are here for some history, then you can also visit the Grand Rapids Museum as well as the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and Sculpture Park. Apart from art, enjoy outdoor activities such as paddling in the Grand River Heritage Trail, hiking or zip-lining. You can enjoy John Ball Zoo and the Millennium Park.

  • Ann Arbor

You have not enjoyed Michigan until you have visited Ann Arbor. This place has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor activities as well as historic and cultural attractions. For outdoor activities, you can opt to visit the Hudson Mills Metropark. Here you have the option to bike and hike while the Argo Park offers you the opportunity to go canoeing. If, on the other hand, you would like to immerse yourself in history and culture, you can visit the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the University of Michigan Museum of Art abbreviated as UMMA or the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History and Planetarium. You will not run out of activities to immerse yourself in. There are a lot of place where you can also go to while in Ann Arbor like visiting shops for eyelash extensions or even the so-called special nail salon. You can see the Nail Salon Ann Arbor website here.

  • Detroit

The city has a lot to offer to people of all age groups. This city, nicknamed ‘Motor City’ is known for its instrumental role in the history of automobiles. As such, it has the Automotive Hall of Fame and other museums that you can enjoy as you learn some important historic facts about the city. You can visit the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, The Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Historical Museum among others. In addition to this, you can visit the Detroit Zoo, especially if you have children, the Legoland Discovery Center or even take a boat cruise on the river.

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Michigan has a lot to offer, half of which is not on this list. If you are visiting the state, you will have so many activities to choose from in different cities. The landscape is breathtaking plus you get to enjoy four of the Great Lakes and all that they have to offer. Michigan has a lot to offer old and young people, including children. If you have a longer period of time in the state, you can cover more ground and enjoy everything about the place. if, however, you are around for a very limited period of time, it would be best to pick a city and then capitalize on what it has to offer. That way, you get to enjoy a slice of Michigan and live to tell the story.